Air transportation is conveyance on goods in small quantities which should be carried very quickly. It is getting more important as a potential way.Goods are carried out by a freighter or passenger and can be restricted by the volume and weight.Therefore, you should check them out before you load large/heavyweight goods over 2~3 tons.

Air transport sector following the introduction of other transportations, but now air transport plays an important role in domestic transportation and international. SebangVina is deploying service shipping by air connections Hanoi – Da Nang – HCM City and other provinces with the best rates.


The characteristics of air transport:

  • The air transport routes mostly straight line connecting two points together transport
  • The speed of air transport high-speed major operators, fast transit times.
  • Air transport safer than other means of transport
  • Air transport always require to use high-tech
  • Air Freight offers standard services than other means of transport.
  • Air Freight simplify documentary procedures compared to other transport modes.

The competition takes place in any field, any industries. Air transportation is same, in addition to large service providers, small units serving in the transport services sector is also aiming to develop comprehensively. Air transportation is used vehicles reliable transport and advanced technology to constantly improve the performance and sustain competitive prices, creating favorable opportunities for customers.

Listening from customers, the service also aims to develop and expand the scope, nature and quality of freight service., using reliable Shipping services and find creative solutions in line with the needs of customers to increase operational productivity and achieve maximum efficiency. Come to us if you need transportation.

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