Customs Declarations Services, Customs Declarations Agents

Customs declarations services, customs declarations agents

With staffs of many years of experience in the customs procedures, ensuring our customers get customs clearance quickly, accurately, minimizing the costs incurred, advises the prime necessary to license and tax….


Provide to customer the service of fast customs declaration, convenient and economical.

  • Customs declaration of imports fixed assets.
  • Customs declaration of imported goods business, commercial.
  • Customs declaration of temporary import for re-export.
  • Customs declaration of processing, export production.
  • To carry out procedures for non-tradable goods, gift goods, assets of individuals moving and organizations of arriving Vietnam and go abroad.

Services of export – import consignment

  • Consult to clients for professional execute transactions, procedures, paperwork export – import.
  • Imports consignment goods.
  • Exports consignment agricultural, crafts goods…
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